There is no spoon

Literally .For 2 months now I have no spoon in the whole house. I either forget or I’m to lazy to buy and it makes things rather difficult for me., especially regarding eating.

Now what was I saying ?  Oh yeah, pigeons in Istanbul . Lots of them.

[youtube id=”xWQAOwznTX8″ mode=”normal” align=”center”]

a-lot-of-pigeons-in-Istanbul-01 a-lot-of-pigeons-in-Istanbul-02 a-lot-of-pigeons-in-Istanbul-03




6 comments on "There is no spoon"

  1. Their streets must be really dirty :B

  2. one of the reasons i did not eat all them yummy cereals (and the only food you actually had in your house) is the fact i could not find a spoon. As for the pix… well you know you’re good, i know you’re good, why state the obvious? 😛

  3. Acabo de encontrar este blog y lo he visto entero del tirón. Me aparece un trabajo excelente. Gracias por publicarlo y, si no te importa, lo enlazo en mi blog.

  4. Adoré las fotos, me hacen viajar…
    xq la vida en gris?

  5. …si explota que no dá mas de color manifestandose?

  6. methinks the pidgeons came from Venice’s San Marco, seeking protection from religious persecution 😀

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