There is no spoon

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There is no spoon

Literally .For 2 months now I have no spoon in the whole house. I either forget or I’m to lazy to buy and it makes things rather difficult for me., especially regarding eating.

Now what was I saying ?  Oh yeah, pigeons in Istanbul . Lots of them.

[youtube id="xWQAOwznTX8" mode="normal" align="center"]

a-lot-of-pigeons-in-Istanbul-01 a-lot-of-pigeons-in-Istanbul-02 a-lot-of-pigeons-in-Istanbul-03



  1. one of the reasons i did not eat all them yummy cereals (and the only food you actually had in your house) is the fact i could not find a spoon. As for the pix… well you know you’re good, i know you’re good, why state the obvious? :P

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