There is no spoon

Literally .For 2 months now I have no spoon in the whole house. I either forget or I’m to lazy to buy and it makes things rather difficult for me., especially regarding eating. Now what was I saying ?  Oh yeah, pigeons in Istanbul . Lots of them. [youtube id="xWQAOwznTX8" mode="normal" align="center"]

Istanbul docks

I was kind of impressed with Istanbul, It’s so crowded and chaotic, like a huge market. I found it interesting that everywhere I went to buy something the people insisted on negotiating. So it was very strange when I walk into a hi-tech photo equipment shop the salesman started to negotiate with me for a (actualy very expensive) tripod that I eventually never bought. But what shocked me in the worse kind of way was the fact that internet is censored there. I tried to acces a youtube link and this came onscreen . Ankara 1. Sulh Ceza Mahkemesi’nin, 05.05.2008 …